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About The Project

Nestled within the heart of the city, this condominium is more than just a residence; it's a sanctuary woven from the threads of passion for interior design. Every corner of this space is meticulously curated, built on a foundation of love for decorating and a dedication to crafting a home that radiates happiness and refuge.

The aesthetic narrative of this home is a harmonious fusion, seamlessly blending the sleek practicality of modern lines with the timeless allure of traditional elements. The charm lies in the marriage of old and new, where heirloom pieces mingle effortlessly with contemporary pieces. It's not only about design; it's about weaving in family history, creating an atmosphere that resonates with authenticity and warmth.

Here, the client takes center stage. Where their preferences and lifestyle shape every decision. It's not about following design trends or mimicking the look of a hotel lobby; it's about setting a new standard. About crafting a space that is uniquely tailored to the individual. A trendsetter in its own right.

Senior Designer: Elizabeth Law

In the fairly narrow yet elongated entryway, the aim was to defy its dimensions and transform it into a captivating room rather than a mere passage. Recognizing the significance of the entrance as the first and only chance to impress, cables were strategically installed along the ceiling and walls for a modern touch.

Step into the dining room, a small space adorned with grandeur. Here, a set of large framed prints command attention, their presence magnified by a strategically placed mirror that expands the room's sense of space. It's the little details that truly shine here – from the gleam of gold cutlery to the charm of antique plates, and the carefully selected fabrics on the chairs and bench. Even the inclusion of sleek acrylic side tables adds a touch of modern sophistication, showcasing a meticulous curation of elements that elevate the dining experience beyond the ordinary.

Despite its basic layout, this kitchen is filled with creativity. Playful tiles add a touch of fun to the scene, while unexpected accents above the stove hood and atop cabinets bring charm to every corner. Though there's little room for elaborate decoration, every inch is used wisely to infuse the kitchen with personality and warmth.

Embracing a philosophy where imagination knows no bounds, our approach to ceiling fixtures transcends conventional norms. While many opt for uniformity, we dare to traverse the spectrum, from sleek modern designs to lavish crystal extravagance. This diversity opens doors to captivating decorating possibilities, ensuring each space exudes its own unique charm and allure.

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